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Beat the Traffic! 100% Garmin GPS C340

May 15th, 2006

Waiting around and wasting time sitting still in traffic jams wears the best of us down, I for one hate it. Now I know hate is a strong word, but I do highly dislike sitting in a five mile back up on I95 South after having spent a few hours on the NJTP now endlessly waiting to get on 695 just outside of Baltimore! But there is a solution – and it’s called Garmin!

Garmin’s advertising slogan for their C340 vehicle navigation system, “beat the traffic before it beats you ” isn’t tired marketing hype it’s got alot of truth bundled in it.

Even if you miss the freeway exit ramp don;t dispair, you can still have your route recalculated with the Garmn c340 guiding you. Plus you’ve got both your pre-loaded and customized POIs as well including a user-friendly 3.5-inch diagonal touch-screen interface (TFT display), that is a breeze to navigate.

What makes the Garmin c340 GPS car navigator stand out from the rest of the pack of car GPS receivers on the market today?

City navigator NT comes with US Street Data
The answer is 3 distinct advantages:
GTM 10 FM TMC receiver
Avoid annoying traffic jams before you’re smack in the middle of one with a color-coded map that lets you see the traffic congested area in advance. this is made possible because of a FM-band traffic receiver that connects between car stereo and antenna
City Navigator NT
Imagine having 6 million POIs (Points of Interest) at your finger tips in front of your eyes.
POI Loader software
You can go ahead and import whatever POIs you desire!!
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