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Philips GPS Electronics Versus TomTom: GPS Battle Heating Up

June 20th, 2006

Royal Philips Electronics announced that leading developer of GPS navigation products, ALK Technologies, has integrated Philips’ ‘Spot’ software GPS solution in its latest product, the CoPilot Navigator 9. According to PC magazine, Philips Electronics said it would begin making mobile personal navigation systems (GPS) which could hurt route-finding market leader TomTom.

Philip’s GPS receiver will be thin and light – about 1 inch thick and a feather-light 5 ounces. Mapping data will come from Navteq . Philips will unveil the products starting in September focusing on Germany, France, and Belgium. The entrance of Philips underscores the evolution of the GPS (global positioning system) market from a niche product popular with hunters, hikers, and boaters into a thriving consumer business.

Philips is the first company to offer device makers a true software GPS signal processing solution. The result of over 5 years research and development, Spot draws on Philips’ expertise in signal processing and software for consumer products, as well as its long-standing experience in automotive GPS.
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Dudes, Lose the Paper Maps! Magellan Roadmate 700 $200 off!

June 6th, 2006

$200 off Magellan® Roadmate 700 GPS Receiver – Web Only!
Do yourself a big favor, chuck the paper maps. (We hope we haven’t offended the folks over at Triple A – many people have ceased using paper road maps. A GPS system like Magellan Roadmate 700 has over 2 million preprogrammed points of interest and is designed on the same technologies as the Hertz NeverLost system. It is lightweight and truly portable with 48 contiguous states and major metro areas and highways of Canada built-in. The bottom-line clincher here is Roadmate 700 Receivers has a full-color touchscreen plus backlit keypad.
What’s in the box
With Magellan GPS roadmate 700, you can lose the maps!

  • Receiver preloaded with detailed maps
  • Windshield mount with car power adapter cable
  • USB cable
  • AC power adapter
  • Mapping software
  • Handheld GPS Receivers: Don’t leave Home without them!

    June 6th, 2006

    When Needham adventure racer Tim Reif begins the 500-mile Primal Quest race in southern Utah next month, he and his teammates will carry a device that could save their lives: a portable GPS receiver.He runs with a Garmin GPS watch, and hikes and bikes with a Magellan unit. He rarely leaves home without them. As they hike, bike, and paddle across some of North America’s most treacherous terrain, Reif’s team will lug a specially designed GPS unit that will allow race officials to electronically monitor every step of their progress during a non stop odyssey that could take up to 10 days to complete.
    See complete Boston GLobe Article by By James Whitters, Globe Correspondent

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    GPS Buying Guide: Memorial Day GPS Sale!

    May 25th, 2006

    About 37.6 million Americans will be on the roads on Memorial Day weekend. Most know where they are headed still many will get lost on their day off. has mapped out 5 GPS Buying Tips to guide you when selecting a GPS-enabled PDA
    1) GPS Maps A GPS device is only as good as the maps it contains. Garmin, produces several GPS models, in the $50 – $250, range.Maps and city guides for North America and Europe are free.
    2) GPS Adaptability Most GPS-enabled PDAs are configured to be used as GPShand-helds.Pay attention to which accessories are included to ensure you won’t have to buy more.
    3) GPS Features GPS-enabled PDAs that provide both audio and written directions.Don’t be cheap when it comes to buying a Vehicle navigation Unit. Make sure your unit has a “highways only” route home that finds the most direct and
    the quickest route to your destination plus an automatic re-router
    4) GPS Display (monitor)The fact is, a larger interface (GPS screen) is usually better, especially for viewing maps though larger usually translates into more expensive GPS receivers.Don’t forget about Display clarity and brightness.If possible borrow a neigbor’s GPS system and experiment with it checking out various lighting conditions.
    5) GPS Accuracy The more you spend, the more accurate the GPS receiver.Expect to spend at least $250 for a reasonably accurate unit.
    Source: Kelli B. Grant,

    Top GPS Gadgets

    May 16th, 2006 just released it’s own top ten new list of “great GPS gadgets”.
    Topping the list of new GPS releases is Garmin’s Edge 305 and Nuvi 360
    along with TomTom Go 910, a vehicle navigation reciever.
    We recommend taking a peek at the Forbes site for a brief backgrounder on the development and history of GPS plus you can view a slide showof their top picks, some of the newer GPS products and services being offered today.
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