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September 30th, 2007

More than 13,000 New York yellow cabs must be equipped with GPS Tracking and GPS Tracking Systems – which records where the vehicles are every eight seconds – when the taxis come up for annual inspections, starting on Monday. Drivers who refuse could face fines. Cabbies are disturbed by the GPS system, which they said would violate their privacy by enabling the city to know their vehicles’ location between fares and when off-duty. So far, nearly 2,300 of the city’s 13,085 yellow cabs have installed the new technology, and all but 135 cabs have signed contracts for the installation. And, NYC school buses are on track to be equipped with GPS as the city plans to put global positioning technology in school buses in an effort to do better at keeping the sprawling bus system on track. The NY City Dept. of Ed. plans to ask companies this winter to submit proposals for installation of GPS devices.

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