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Garmin To Buy Fairpoint Navigation

October 11th, 2007

Garmin plans to buy the distributor of its products in Denmark Fairpoint Navigation. Purchasing Fairpoint Navigations will further advance Garmin into the northern European market for GPS. Fairpoint has been successful in making the Garmin brand the market leader in Denmark. The acquisition of Fairpoint Navigations is the latest acquisition of GPS distributors in major European countries this past year – Garmin has bought product distributors in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Garmin continues to invest steadily in Europe, facing tough competition from Europeon leader TomTom GPS.

GPS Tracking | GPS Tracking Systems

September 30th, 2007

More than 13,000 New York yellow cabs must be equipped with GPS Tracking and GPS Tracking Systems – which records where the vehicles are every eight seconds – when the taxis come up for annual inspections, starting on Monday. Drivers who refuse could face fines. Cabbies are disturbed by the GPS system, which they said would violate their privacy by enabling the city to know their vehicles’ location between fares and when off-duty. So far, nearly 2,300 of the city’s 13,085 yellow cabs have installed the new technology, and all but 135 cabs have signed contracts for the installation. And, NYC school buses are on track to be equipped with GPS as the city plans to put global positioning technology in school buses in an effort to do better at keeping the sprawling bus system on track. The NY City Dept. of Ed. plans to ask companies this winter to submit proposals for installation of GPS devices.

Best GPS Technology: Single-Chip GPS Solution

September 25th, 2007

Broadcom Corporation , a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, today announced its first single-chip global positioning system (GPS) solution, highlighting the company’s successful integration of its Global Locate acquisition and its commitment to delivering the industry’s best GPS technology. The receiver makes full use of the Global Locate architecture, and can measure the faintest GPS signals deep indoors and in “urban canyon” environments at signal levels. BCM4750 is a single-die CMOS GPS receiver used for tracking and navigation, primarily in mobile devices. Its massive parallel hardware correlators provide faster signal searches, accurate real-time navigation, improved tracking sensitivity and very low average power consumption. With tracking sensitivity of -162 dBm, the BCM4750 sets a new benchmark for the industry. PRNewsWire

Perfect Match: Garmin Nuvi 300 and Saab

July 15th, 2006

Saab dealerships in Europe now offer the Garmin Nuvi 300 satellite navigation unit (GPS)directly from the dealer’s showroom. Nuvi’s versatility as a GPS navigator, personal travel assistant, and digital entertainment system, makes it the perfect GPS for a saab. Garmin Nuvi includes a large, preloaded points of interest database that makes it easy for users to find and route to their destination. Custom points of interest may also be loaded on the unit. With the optional TMC traffic receiver, Nuvi can also notify drivers of traffic and will automatically suggest and calculate alternative routes around any queues. The Garmn GPS Nuvi is equipped with a new high-sensitivity, SiRFstarIII GPS receiver, which acquires a GPS signal quickly and is capable of maintaining a signal in heavy foliage or “urban canyons” created by skyscrapers. Read More about Saab and Garmin deal.

Garmin GPS is S & P Focus Stock of the Week

June 22nd, 2006

GPS Navigator for Lowest price!
‘The maker of GPS-enabled products and other communications gear, Garmin is well-run and poised to grow. With S & P’s highest rating, the personal navigation device market is poised for mass consumer adoption, and believe Garmin (GRMN; recent price, $93), as a market leader, is in a prime position to capitalize on the upswing.’
Source: Standard and Poors

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