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Magellan RoadMate 800 Best Price!

April 28th, 2006

Magellan roadmate 800 with audio guidence and route optimization.
We found an awesome deal at our NEW Online GPS Store at for the Magellan Roadmate 800 GPS vehicle navigation reciver for just ONLY $597.00!!

No need to panick if you are considering getting away for Spring break. Trip planning is streamlined and travel routes optimized and you won’t be alone at the helm of the steering wheel with a voice guidence system keeping you on track to your destination point. And, if you think your travel on the highway may be boring we have a GPS product that can solve freeway boredom also! Multimedia features are just restricted to DVD players, iPods, and cell phones.

The 800 Road Mate navigational reciever has a built-in MP3 Player plus photo viewer! With a memory of 4.5 GB, yup you read that one right, 4.5 Giga to store your music and photos – this is more than a plain vanillia guidence system.Over the past few years several GPS manufacturers have introduced new technologies with some breakthroughs.

The Magellan GPS Roadmate 800 is one of these success stories worth a close-up look. Magellan over the years has had alot success simplifying the set-up of it’s recievers and with Road Mate 800’s plug and play system they’ve developed a product with the customer in mind instead of thinking of him or her as just a “user” they’ve included components that recognize that in the end it’s a person with feelings and thoughts that uses the GPS product.

For example, you can enter up to 200 of your personal addresses for convenience, you can keep more than six million POIs and another mil of your own customized POIs too.
At a mere 10.8 ounces and 3.15 x 1.55 x 6.26-inches you can’t go wrong with this one.

GPS Garmin iQue 3000

April 22nd, 2006

Palm-based Garmin iQue 3000 is a decent combination organizer and GPS unit, though it comes up a bit short in terms of functionality. A nicely designed PDA, the Garmin iQue 3000 comes with a sensitive GPS receiver. It also has maps of North America plus an SD card. Garmin iQue 3000 operates on Palm OS 5 though suprisingly doesn’t have both Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. It’s design leaves alot to be desired and it performs slowly.
Garmin GPS

Navman GPS unveils Jupiter 30

April 20th, 2006

Look out Garmin, Navman GPS announced today it’s newest addition to the family, Jupiter 30, “an ultra-high sensitivity surface mount GPS receiver designed for rapid position fixes in low signal strength conditions that brings breakthrough acquisition speed to GPS industry” (in English that means this GPS receiver works indoors just as well as outdoors).

Our quick lookie revealed the same form factor and extended software messaging as it’s older brother Jupiter 20, though the newer Jupiter 30 provides a risk free upgrade path for any customer, using an active or passive antenna.

Apparently, Jupiter 30 GPS delivers an unprecedented minus 160 dBM tracking capability, bringing standard GPS functionality to previously impossible locations; such as inside buildings, parking garages, shopping malls and other indoor environments; inner city urban canyons; areas with dense foliage and in vehicles with UV-coated or athermic windshields. Wow!
News Source: PRNewsWire
BTW:We spotted some pretty fabulous online offers for a variety of Brand New Navman GPS units for vehicles, or for sports training and Pocket PCs.
Navman GPS

Is Sprint’s Child Locator a ‘Big Brother’ GPS Tracking Device?

April 19th, 2006

Sprint spokeman claim that itís not about GPS tracking nor monitoring. Critics though view this as more GPS tracking and monitoring and possible infringements on freedom of privacy. For kids with overprotective parents, perhaps having a cell phone with GPS won’t be so much fun anymore. For parents with a GPS Child Locator, they’ll be able to know the whereabouts of their kids. Sprint becomes the first U.S. wireless provider to sell its own GPS Family Locator (GPS Child Locator) Service which rolls out Thursday.
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GPS Child Locator

Cheating Spouses and GPS Tracking

April 18th, 2006

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