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GPS for Fido

November 29th, 2005

The GPS unit should work fine as long as Fido doesn’t bury it or chew it up.
This holiday season, even man’s best friend isn’t going to be left out. Under the tree or stuffed into a sock hanging by the fireplace is a special gift for Fido (a a dog GPS)!
Yeah, you heard it right, and why not?! We humans have our GPS hand-held devices, plus GPS systems for our vehicles, boats and airplanes, so why not for our loyal pets? They deserve the best, don’t they? I mean if we get lost— we’ve got GPS to help us find our way home, so why not give our furry friends the same a dog GPS!

So, here’s how it works, you just attach the ‘Global petfinder’ to Fido’sdog’s collar. You can choose basic black or go with something a bit bolder in green. You don’t have to worry about the rain, the device is water resistant. As long as Fido isn’t a light weight and is more than 30 pounds the 5 ounce GPS shouldn’t be too much of a strain on his neck. (I guess the benefits ‘out-weigh’ the pain in Fido’s neck!) Your PDA, PC or cell phone receives information about your lost hound from his GPS unit making a reunion possible.

Get set for this, you better really love fido to afford the hefty price tag — this dog GPS unit costs $350, plus a $35 activation fee and sign up for a $18-a-month subscription.

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