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Garmin GPSMAP 296

September 14th, 2005

Flight paths are seemingly less dangerous these day with visual clues and tone alerts with GPSMAP 296 from Garmin. Garmin GPSMAP 296 is a sleek hand held improving on prior Garmin systems like the GPSMAP 196 and GPS 295. Some of the upgrade smart features on the GPSMAP 296 include terrain alerts and faster USB information transfers.

Garmin GPSMAP 296

GPSMAP 296 is a highly sophisticated GPS unit which functions in three modes: Automotive, Marine, and Aircraft.

GPSMAP 296 by Garmin benefits pilots in a number of ways. Most importantly to safe flying is a pilot’s keen awareness of surrounding and approaching terrain. GPSMAP 296 doesn’t let us down providing critical information about obstacles like buildings and towers in a timely fashion. Also, Garmin GPSMAP 296 is pre-loaded with a database that enables pilots to view altitudes of obstacles.

The unit comes pre-loaded with a DB of the United States, plus critical information a pilot requires for safe flying like a transparent navigation arc view for course, speed, and distance info. If there are any possible on-coming hazards pop up hazards caution the pilot in advance.

So whether you’re flying your plane or steering your boat or driving your car, Garmin is making it easier and alot safer. Garmin continues to wow us with product releases that amaze us. Garmin GPSMAP 296 is worth a long look.

Garmin GPSMAP 296
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GPS Navigation, GPS Tracking Devices and Big Brother

September 10th, 2005

Lately there have been news stories about GPS “creeping” into the workplace. It’s well known that GPS technology gives businesses a tool to monitor and assist workers to increase efficiency and production levels. Workers’ fears and concerns may be a bit misplaced and then again it’s easy to understand their complaints.

Enraged cabbies, truck drivers, and most recently WABC-TV News employees are feeling paranoid these days, some would claim for good reason. Union officials in a various industries are waving the yellow flag that rights are being violated. It’s just a matter of time before courts become flooded with cases about GPS and alleged constitutional rights violations.

Five years back a convicted first degree murderer appealed to the Supreme Court of Washington, whether a warrant was required for the installation and use of GPS on his vehicle. The court held that a warrant was required before authorities can install and use a GPS device on a private vehicle. Is GPS in for some good legal battles? The jury is still out.

Regarding GPS in private vehicles, New York Civil Liberties Union claims it’s not getting involved though they put their weight on the side of the drivers against the City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s decision to install GPS units in taxis. We’re not holding our breathe, we have a sneaking suspicion that the chaps at the ACLU aren’t about to shy away from appearing in the courts battling GPS ‘intrusions’ in the workplace, privacy is something we all cherish. GPS in the workplace could be viewed as part of the routine like punching a time clock.

All kinds of ideas for GPS applications, ranging from brilliant to pure zan
There are all kinds of ideas for GPS applications, ranging from brilliant to pure zaney.

I read at that it would be a good idea to put GPS tracking devices on guns just in case the gun’s owner decides to take take the gun with him into a no gun zone. Police could be notified via GPS immediatly. Interesting.? Yes. Privacy issues? Definitely. The NRA wouldn’t be thrilled.

Bottom line is GPS technology is powerful. How we use GPS impacts significantly on the quality of our lives. The development and usage of GPS applications and units we are witnessing in our society today are not only truelly amazing they are proving to be extremely beneficial to us in countless profound ways we could never have imagined just a few years back.

NavigatorGPS hears the truckers, the cabbies and the WABC-TV News crews and agrees with your protests though we don’t view GPS as ‘big brother’ ‘creeping’ and ‘crawlin’ into the workplace. Media prefers to portray issues in black and white, in this case GPS applications and privacy rights is a grey area worthy of debate and discussion. Companies need to be more sensitive to their workers and employees may have to “bite the bullet” because GPS is part of the new work environment.
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