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My Early GPS Roots -Blog beginnings..

April 5th, 2005

I remember way back when I was just a kid and my dad would take me and my little brother out in the new sparkling green cadillac coup ‘de ville every Saturday. We would drive up and down the east coast for hours. My dad had this great Tuxedo wholesale business back in the 70’s where he would travel a lot with us and play Wee Bonnie Baker ( does anyone know where I can find some of these tunes) on the 8-track player.

My dad loved to take short cuts and my 7 year-old little brother used to carry this ‘James Bond’ style brief case filled with Triple A (AAA) maps. I used to stare at the dials and buttons on the dash board near the AM-FM radio and think how cool it would be if the maps in the briefcase would find the quickest route to our destination. Oh, those Saturday journeys, cooped up in the coupe ‘de ville. My dad as the pilot, and my little brother as the navigator with his accompanying briefcase of maps.

We eventually found our way. Those were the days my friend.. We were engaging in mankind’s greatest past-times, namely; attempting to find our way to our destination and return to our origination. A brief case full of maps and a compass on the dash was our navigation ‘system’ back them. Today GPS is pointing us on track toward our destinations in ways we never could have imagined!
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